A powerful Sleep tracker

Respire AI

Explore the secrets to perfect sleep with Dr. BreathE's Respire AI—the pinnacle of sleep AI technology. Our innovative mobile app is set to transform your nights and elevate your days.

Respire AI combines advanced AI with sophisticated machine learning to offer an unprecedented sleep tracking and analysis experience, enabling you to explore the power of personalized sleep profiles through our cutting-edge sleep tracker.

Embark on a journey to deep rest and rejuvenation—experience the difference with Respire AI tonight.


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Respire AI


A powerful Sleep tracker

Respire AI, the flagship product of Dr. BreathE Sleep Institute, is revolutionizing the field of sleep analysis with its innovative approach. This mobile app leverages advanced artificial intelligence to offer users unique insights and advice to enhance their sleep using image and nocturnal breathing sound data.

Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, Respire AI processes information gathered from images and the breathing sounds of users during the night. It constructs an in-depth sleep profile for each user by examining factors like face features and sleep breathing sounds.

By focusing on auditory and visual data, Respire AI provides a unique perspective on sleep health, offering users a comprehensive understanding of their nightly rest and actionable steps to improve it.

Feature Highlights

Facial Image Assessment

Facial Image Assessment

Utilize the unique visual analysis feature of Respire AI to assess your sleep breathing patterns during sleep with just a few selfies. Our image AI model Our sophisticated facial recognition AI technology will quickly provide insights into your potential sleep breathing conditions. This groundbreaking technology bridges the gap between a simple, fast user experience and offering more enlightening information about your health status.

Advanced Snoring Sound Detection

While you sleep, the Respire AI app acts as a sophisticated sleep tracker, recording sounds and utilizes AI models to categorize snoring and breathing sounds, helping you understand your snoring conditions. It provides simple data about your sleep quality. Snoring is an important indicator, closely related to sleep quality and sleep apnea. Through advanced snoring detection, we can offer you more insights into your sleep.

Customized Questionnaires

Respire AI provides questionnaires based on your individual sleep-related conditions, delving into your sleep and health. These assessments help us understand your personal health status, allowing the app to offer you unique health education information based on this understanding. Enhance your insight into specific sleep health issues to improve your sleep quality, meeting your individual needs.


How to use the APP ?

How should I position my device?

We recommend positioning the device next to your bed, about an arm's length from your face (approximately 60 cm), with the main microphone directed towards you. If possible, connect your charger to ensure your device is fully charged by morning.

When using Respire AI to monitor snoring, you can dim the screen, allowing you to record in the background at night. For consistency, try to maintain the same placement from night to night so that your results are comparable across different nights.

Can Respire AI run in the background?
Yes, it can run in the background.
Respire AI prevents your device's battery from draining quickly by locking the screen.
Heed the whispers of your body's needs.

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